What will you be able

This course is a great stepping stone to both programming concepts and fundamentals. Python 3 is the most up-to-date version of the language with huge improvements being made by the Python community. After taking this course you’ll have increased efficiency and simplicity in the code you develop.

Learn Python?

Python is an all-purpose and popular programming language. It’s great as a first coding language because it’s simple and easy to read. It’s also good for any programmer to know because it can be used for everything from web development to software development and data science applications.

Recommended duration: 3 months (24 hours) 
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What will you

In this lesson you’ll get started with Python syntax and use it to create a point of sale system for a store.


Learn how to write code that runs only when you want it to. Apply that knowledge to create functions for famous physics formulas.

Control Flow

Learn the order which Python executes code by including if, else, and elif statements as well as try and except statements. Expect to learn all you need to know about boolean variables and logical operators.


Learn about the structures in Python used to store ordered groups of data.


Loops let you repeat Python code over and over. Learn to read and write them in order to problem-solve.


Learn about the Python string object in order to automatically create, rearrange, reassign, disassemble, and reassemble blocks of text.


Learn how to bind and reference attributes.


Learn about the Python dictionary structure and how to create and use key-value pairs in your code.


Learn how to automate files. Investigate the properties of text, CSV, and JSON files by reading and writing to them!

Learn about the variations between data types in Python and how to create your own classes, objects, and interfaces.

Function Arguments
Use the full potential of Python functions in order to declare, call, and interact with them.