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From beginners to intermediate, business managers to tech career hunters, join our Web Development, Artificial Intelligence & Data Science courses here at Tokyo Tech Training. Online lessons are also available.

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Our tech instructors are alumni/graduates/employees from the companies/institutions below:

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We provide countless tech lessons from basic programming to a more robust subject like data science and artificial intelligence.


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Year Round Tech Programs In Tokyo & Online Learning

Acquire the skills you need to get to your goals in any business or tech industry by choosing one of our programs.

  • Python
  • Java
  • Web Development
  • Build A Chat Bot
  • Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence

Here is an interesting fact! Did you know more data has been created in the past two years than in the rest of human history?

That is why artificial intelligence models that find patterns in data and make decisions are so important and vital in many application.

Learn how to build them with Python now with us!

Data Science

Become a Data Scientist. Data Science is one of the fastest growing fields in the tech industry.

Get your tech dream job or empower your business by mastering the skills you need to observe and analyze data with SQL and Python.

Then, go even further by building Machine Learning algorithms and learn to apply them. 

And Many More

Thrive Here With Us Because We Want you To Succeed With Our Strengths

That gained us countless clients trust and we strive to keep it that way for you!  

World Class Instructors

From multinational corporation consultants to cutting edge AI researchers, our growing list of world-class expert instructors will match your requests and requirements for the highest quality of instruction possible.

Personalized & Laser Focused

Enjoy powerful, focused and rewarding programming lessons which are carefully crafted by our experienced instructors to match your own pace and learning curve.

Anytime & Anywhere

Feel free to enjoy our lessons at your chosen time, place and convenience. Where ever you call, we go.

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General Lessons

A.I. & Data Science Fundamentals and Basic Programming Skills
¥ 6,000 per hour
  • Zoom | Skype Lessons Available
  • Personalized Lessons
  • Includes free AI & Data Science Club
  • Private Lessons
  • Suitable For Beginners And Starters
  • Average 16 - 24 hours of completion
  • Monthly installment payment available
  • Classes are scheduled based on you and the instructor availability